Life has a participation award

image_galleryIn life there is an award for those who participate. The other day there was a big meeting in my town and I decided to go. All of the people there could help our life and business be better. My work schedule indicated that I did not need to participate because there wasn’t going to be a direct win for us.

 Business and life is a competition and numbers don’t lie. The other side of the coin is you cannot get to the top without knowing some of the other players.  Consider every time that there is an event that may have the slightest impact on your business that you show up. Showing up is half the battle.

 10 things you will see with the participation award


  1. You open new doors of idea possibility
  2. You change positions which changes your view
  3. Everyone knows that you are serious about your craft
  4. You notify your old self that you are new again
  5. It sets you in the leader class
  6. You can’t show out if you don’t show up
  7. Get the T-shirt of experience
  8. If you participate you have a chance to win
  9. Every step out is better than a day standing still
  10. You bless the world with God’s presence


Look for your opportunity to dominate and get the participation award.


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