Leaders forgive to Win

Forgiveness is hard especially for a leader who is doing the right things. It’s hard to forgive people in your organization when mistakes happen. It’s hard because you feel you are the leader and you do not have to forgive. You also feel that you were in the right. When you feel like this, you get mad. Maybe you don’t speak to the people. How can you lead it if you are not communicating? This builds inner anger. This inner anger will come out in all of your other discussions and directives. Angry discussions and directives lead to a path of futility.

Angry discussions and directives lead to a path of futility

Your mind plays tricks on you when unforgiveness creeps in. Your mind can cause you to replay the offense over and over again. Instead of forward thinking you are backward thinking. Forward thinking takes you to the top and backward thinking Leaves you stuck in the mud.

Forgive yourself

To forgive yourself you must dismiss all self-doubt. You are your biggest critic therefore, cut yourself some slack. Most of the time you are the only person that is offended. Let God correct you and do the instruction given to you. Unforgiveness can lead to a state of depression. When you find yourself in this place stay connected to positive friends and family. And also say positive things about you and your situation.

Colossians 1:14 in whom we have redemption because of His sacrifice, resulting in the forgiveness of our sins and the cancellation of sins’ penalty.

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