Pray for Alabama

Decision America Tour

“Do not forget to Pray!” is what I hear as I prepare for a brief business trip to Montgomery. What an easy request! I prayed a modest prayer . Business meetings lead to Business increase.  Our State Legislature is in session at the same time we planned this meeting. Directly related to the Alabama State Legislature meeting is Franklin Graham Decision America Tour rolling into town to Pray for Alabama. One of my business associciates travelled from a different state to participate in the prayer meeting. When he told me he was going to pray I heard again “Don’t forget to pray.”

Honestly, I did not have a clue of that any one else was praying for my State (Alabama), so this was a nice surprise. Not until I arrived in Montgomery did I understand that I needed to go pray at the Captiol too. Immediately after the meeting we headed up Goat Hill to pray. Now the boldness that God placed in me wants to pray on the star that marks the spot where Jefferson Davis was sworn as in as the United Confederate States president. God unites and uplifts.

When we got to the top I was impressed that an organization would plan an event that soul focus was to spread the Good News over AMERICA AND ALABAMA. That God impressed upon me to go and pray for Alabama cuases me issue a challenge to all the Dominators. Pray for your state and  other states but more importantly go where God sends you to pray. Warriors of Prayer unite.

What to do when you want to be big again

The Next Big Thing Concept


#1. Decide what your new big looks like

#2. Determine how long it will take and plan on it.

#3. Understand the sacrifices and. Plan for them

# 4. Do not let the small things hold you down

# 5. You are only as big as you think

Protect the lead: Part II

Protect the Lead Part  dealt primarily with the actions of professionals in the work environment and Part II is a checklist that will help protect the spiritual and mental aspects of leadership.

A drop of dew and sunshine

1. A soft answer turns away anger

Change your tone and change the direction of the conversation. Answer others how you want to be received.

2. A leader uses knowledge in a positive way

As a leader you know things that can hurt or propel others and your organization. Use your knowledge in a positive way. Protect the lead, do not fumble information.

3. Be kind and add life

Make others around you feel good. You are adding or taking, increase the goodness and watch the seed of your good words grow.

4. Heed the Advice of your parents

Simply, life has continuing education course work that is never exhausted. The instructions of most parents come from a place of protection and love.

5. Save money for the good and the bad times

The righteous leader protects the monetary gains received from hard work and favor. Protect the lead by living by the principle of seed time and harvest.

6. Why sacrifice when you can pray

Leaders are inclined to sacrifice time and casual life for success. Leaders that pray can have it all, a casual life, free time and success.


Proverbs 15: 1-10 A soft answer turns away wrath


God is not afraid so why are you?

In the life of a leader the prize is on the other side work. And the work is normally in an arena that is higher and more involved than our current experience. Leaders have to consider the prize then overcome the obstacle. There are many things that are given to us because of favor from God and everything else we have to give an honest effort. In my experience favor comes along when I am immersed in work.

What is the number one fear of a leader? Consider not reaching your goal. Now consider not trying to reach your goal. Which is worst? We have an enormously high capacity to achieve greatness on this earth. Look at your next challenge and plan it as if it is your first. We all like to say, “if I could go back again with my current knowledge, I would be awesome!” Guess what? You cannot go back but you can forge forward into new endeavors or finish old visions without fear. There is no fear if we love and trust God.
If someone is in the same position as you and is not afraid why are you? Determine within yourself that you can achieve your goal and nothing is too hard for God.
If two leaders wish to accomplish the same goal but only one can win then the other has to keep going and trying to win without fear.

For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind
2 Timothy 7
There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.

1 John 4:18
After these things the word of the Lord came unto Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward.

Genesis 15:1

I’m Black First

I am Black First
That’s what you see
That’s how you judge

What do you see in my dirty jeans? What about these nails? Does the dirt turn you off or do you see the strength of mother earth going with me everywhere?

Describe the ideal husband… What is the shade caramel or chocolate?
I am smart. I am funny. I speak four languages, and can say hello in 13.
I know business. I play wind instruments. The harmonica is jazzy.
Walking across the street to make a deposit at the bank. What do you see at the intersection? Why do I smell fear on you and see you clutch your purse? I’m so happy.

God has met a need. He gave my pockets a “pot-belly”. Can we make them slightly overweight like most Americans?

If I shed a few pounds would you forget my mahogany and wish it ivory?

Beauty shares no stage. Look outside and feel inside it is okay.
I’ll be PRESIDENTIAL or maybe MVPish. I’m Still Black First.

If you are so scared or I’m so equal, let’s view equal. Have you been to a factory? What do you see?  SEE no evil – Speak no evil.

What about Football?
Run boy Run          We the Best            But don’t stop running
Still be proud when WE win

I am Black First. Mix it with anything and I am still Black First.

Dream the Impossible

It always seems impossible until it’s done. Nelson Mandela

On April 26, 1994, more than 22 million South Africans turned out to cast ballots in the country’s first multiracial parliamentary elections in history. An overwhelming majority chose the ANC to lead the country, and on May 10 Mandela was sworn in as the first black president of South Africa, with de Klerk serving as his first deputy.
The possibility of a Black president in South Africa had to seem silly but once it was done it now seems common. When Nelson Mandela was fighting for a free South Africa he had to imagine this society free and believe in the people and the process. Part of this particular process resulted in in lengthy jail time. Of all the dreams I have none of them involve jail time. When we first started our business we had a dream of financial independence. This seemed impossible because In had no real knowledge on the subject of business. Twenty years later it seems impossible to envision another lifestyle.

Dream big, think the impossible and then go do it.

Matthew 19:26
But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, with men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible

Our Father helps living Man create possibilities here on earth. Do not wait until you get to heaven to receive your glory work on it now. Expect great results and that is what you will have. Do not look at the size or difficulty of the task but look at the possibilities of the dream. Nelson Mandela came from a small village and influenced the world by focusing on what was possible. You will change your situation by acting in the same matter.

Nelson Mandela: Leader for the ages

Nelson Mandela inspired a generation and was a leader from whom we can all learn a great deal. What if he was your personal mentor? What a wonderful gift and pleasure it would be to have personal and business lessons from a man of this moral and inspirational caliber. In the wake of his passing there were many tributes and a lot of quote compilations. When I read Mfonobong Nsehe article on I was inspired to imagine what kind of lessons would follow Mr. Mandela’s quotes.

I am fundamentally an optimist. Whether that comes from nature or nurture, I cannot say. Part of being optimistic is keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun, one’s feet moving forward. There were many dark moments when my faith in humanity was sorely tested, but I would not and could not give myself up to despair. That way lays defeat and death.  Nelson Mandela

An optimist raises in the morning with hope in his heart. He looks for the bright spot in all situations. Some are born with this quality and sprinkle it on everything they touch. An optimistic leader is inspired by messy situations because now they are moldable.
One can also nurture an optimistic outlook by training. You must read to understand history and what positive mental attitudes great people took into difficult decisions. Make sure your immediate circle believes in you. Make sure they support your dream. When pessimistic viewpoints creep into your thinking defeat them with positive self-images. Point your head towards the sun means, look on the bright side of life even when it is cloudy somewhere there is sun. As a leader the cloud of despair is ever evident because people bring things to you for fixing. Judge righteously but have no negative thought.

Keep it moving.

Never stop working towards your dreams. Inside of you is an assignment from the ages, move toward it with passion. When you are doing good and accomplishing what you set out to do there is no time for camping, be a climber. Climb your mountain then plan for the next adventure. Whatever detours that cause you discomfort or delay shall not deny your goals. Keep calling and asking for what you need, even if you receive the wrong answer. Look for different avenues and people to give you the yes answer. Life is too short to stop at NO. Giving up is not an option and defeat is just a starting point.

Whether by nature or nurture be an optimist by choice.

Business leaders should Protect the lead

This is a sports analogy generally reserved for football but it also can be applied to your Business game plan. African American Football

Generally, it is thought to be more defensive when your team is winning. Even on offense we want our teams to be conservative with their strategies and game plan when they are winning. I have a different philosophy on how to protect the lead. When your business is up, pour it on. Be relentless with all you do. Use your defense to blitz the quarterback. The opposing quarterback in business is represented by your biggest problem. Do not take a break from attacking and subduing whatever is attacking your business. If it is bills or production numbers, do not work with a slack hand when you are ahead your offense should be even more impressive. You already know how to dominate and gain points. When your sales are up and you are covered in work it is time to protect the lead and make more calls and appointments. Becoming a scoring machine and keep going for the big clients and bigger deals. Stay with your game plan, every yard is important. Look for the small deals also because they keep the sales quota going. If you need another reason add more effort just think of the third stringers that want to play. In business these are the new hires, people you may not know exist. When you get really far ahead you can rest a little and let the new hires help out some.
Finally, to protect the lead you have to remain patient and play smart. One fundamental way to protect the lead is to finish strong. Do not get sloppy because you have some success. You are only as good as your last play. Stay focused and make good decisions as if you are just starting the game.

5S process gets business done beautifully

5S Seiton - InfoBarrelThe 5S process gets business done beautifully. Recently on a manufacturing plant visit I noticed that all the tools in the facility were clearly marked and the flow of product and people was highly organized. I praised them and the manager and his assistant manager both replied that this excellence was due to the 5S process. Being unfamiliar with this method of lean manufacturing meant there was investigation needed.

The 5S Process is generally credited to the Toyota company who applied it to auto making. Toyota believes this is the way to lean manufacturing. The goal is to reduce or eliminate waste. With every action and process being directly related to the production of product waste of time and energy are eradicated.

The tool room in is particular plant was immaculate. Every inch of the shop and the store room was in order down to the individually outlined places for the tools. The files of the tool manager were kept better than most accountants offices. The added benefit of this organization was that the other managers respected the space within the shop. The 5S Process was the boss and everyone else were the employees.

how to start 5s involve everyone 5s cannot be the

The following information comes from the website Process Improvement Japan

What is 5s?

From the first letter of 5 words in Japanese which mean orderliness (seiri), neatness (seiton),shine (seiso), cleanliness (seiketsu) and discipline (shitsuke). In English, lean 5s is commonly referred to as:

1. Sort

2. Set in Order

3. Shine

4. Standardize

5. Sustain (maintain the discipline to continue with the process)

Lean Manufacturing Tools explains the 5S Process this way.

The five steps of 5S are;

Seiri (Sort, Clearing, Classify) to remove all of the clutter from the work place
Seiton (Straighten, Simplify, Set in order, Configure) to organize all tools, materials and equipment in an efficient and ergonomic manner.
 Seiso (Sweep, shine, Scrub, Clean and Check) to clean up the entire area removing all dirt.
Seiketsu (Standardize, stabilize, Conformity) to ensure standard ways of working for the first three stages.
Shitsuke (Sustain, self discipline, custom and practice) to ensure that 5S principles are part of the culture of the business