Pressure Bust Pipes


God will not put more on you

than you can bear

I didn’t know I was this strong

Didn’t know that I could stand this long.

Didn’t believe I could take so many punches

didn’t know trouble came in bunches.

my shoulders are broad

My chest is strong

but how much more and for how long?

Pressure bust pies, Watch mine swell

Pressure bust pipes, now what’s that smell.

It’s not me I know how to weld

God has workmen that are not for sell

Can these arms hold weight made for a crane?

Can these feet stop the speeding train?

That mountain has been spoken to

it still has not moved

Pressure bust pipes, don’t you like the action

Didn’t know life came with adverse traction

Going back…    to move forward just like the plunger

makes no sense to add more pressure to a clogged system.

If this is what I can bear than bring it on

my previous record is no wall, but gone.

Dislocated shoulder lots of back pain

one more push-up, so the kingdom can gain

Pressure bust pipes, I am starting to like what it has done

Making me focus on who is number one

Maybe He allowed it, or just knew

But what He put on, came out of the blue.

No complaints because His sovereignty is Supreme

Pressure Bust Pipes

too bad…

I’m a King.

I’m Black First

I am Black First
That’s what you see
That’s how you judge

What do you see in my dirty jeans? What about these nails? Does the dirt turn you off or do you see the strength of mother earth going with me everywhere?

Describe the ideal husband… What is the shade caramel or chocolate?
I am smart. I am funny. I speak four languages, and can say hello in 13.
I know business. I play wind instruments. The harmonica is jazzy.
Walking across the street to make a deposit at the bank. What do you see at the intersection? Why do I smell fear on you and see you clutch your purse? I’m so happy.

God has met a need. He gave my pockets a “pot-belly”. Can we make them slightly overweight like most Americans?

If I shed a few pounds would you forget my mahogany and wish it ivory?

Beauty shares no stage. Look outside and feel inside it is okay.
I’ll be PRESIDENTIAL or maybe MVPish. I’m Still Black First.

If you are so scared or I’m so equal, let’s view equal. Have you been to a factory? What do you see?  SEE no evil – Speak no evil.

What about Football?
Run boy Run          We the Best            But don’t stop running
Still be proud when WE win

I am Black First. Mix it with anything and I am still Black First.

How to choose a Super Bowl quarterback: Leader

super bowlThe NFL had a great introduction segment to Super Bowl XLVIII. Written on a chalk board was the saying I WILL and each player had an opportunity to write in the blank a statement for the ages. At the end of this brief segment they gave us the voices of both quarterbacks. After I heard both leaders I promptly asked my children, who were not watching at this point, a question. Which quarterback would you rather have leading your team, the one who said, “I WILL, Compete my butt off”, or the one who said, “I WILL, Play the best 60 minutes of football in my life.” Both of them said individually and independently that they would prefer the leader that made the second comment.
Before I revealed the answer I asked them why they made this choice. The answers were profound. They said the “Compete my butt off” answer meant that this leader would rise to the level of his opponent. Whatever effort the other team put out, is what he would give back. The second leader that said, “I WILL, Play the best 60 minutes of football in my life.” Meant that this leader would give everything he had and more. They said he would determine his own fate with his actions and effort.
These answers were so profound because Denver Broncos Quarterback Peyton Manning said the first statement and that is exactly the effort we saw. The future Hall of Fame leader competed and let the other team determine his fate. Seattle Seahawks Quarterback Russell Wilson on the other hand gave the performance of his lifetime. Making passes that seamed far above his 2nd year skill level. His decisions in this game were masterful, knowing when to run, when to move and when to be patient in the pocket. His leadership effected the whole team and every Seattle Seahawk seemed to play the Best 60 minutes of football in life.
We respect the efforts and accomplishment of those who compete their butts off. When you have one chance to lead your team to big dreams think like Super Bowl Champion Russell Wilson. Before your next big test or meeting say:

I WILL, Play the best 60 minutes of _(insert your vocation vision)___ in my life.

Nelson Mandela: Leader for the ages

Nelson Mandela inspired a generation and was a leader from whom we can all learn a great deal. What if he was your personal mentor? What a wonderful gift and pleasure it would be to have personal and business lessons from a man of this moral and inspirational caliber. In the wake of his passing there were many tributes and a lot of quote compilations. When I read Mfonobong Nsehe article on I was inspired to imagine what kind of lessons would follow Mr. Mandela’s quotes.

I am fundamentally an optimist. Whether that comes from nature or nurture, I cannot say. Part of being optimistic is keeping one’s head pointed toward the sun, one’s feet moving forward. There were many dark moments when my faith in humanity was sorely tested, but I would not and could not give myself up to despair. That way lays defeat and death.  Nelson Mandela

An optimist raises in the morning with hope in his heart. He looks for the bright spot in all situations. Some are born with this quality and sprinkle it on everything they touch. An optimistic leader is inspired by messy situations because now they are moldable.
One can also nurture an optimistic outlook by training. You must read to understand history and what positive mental attitudes great people took into difficult decisions. Make sure your immediate circle believes in you. Make sure they support your dream. When pessimistic viewpoints creep into your thinking defeat them with positive self-images. Point your head towards the sun means, look on the bright side of life even when it is cloudy somewhere there is sun. As a leader the cloud of despair is ever evident because people bring things to you for fixing. Judge righteously but have no negative thought.

Keep it moving.

Never stop working towards your dreams. Inside of you is an assignment from the ages, move toward it with passion. When you are doing good and accomplishing what you set out to do there is no time for camping, be a climber. Climb your mountain then plan for the next adventure. Whatever detours that cause you discomfort or delay shall not deny your goals. Keep calling and asking for what you need, even if you receive the wrong answer. Look for different avenues and people to give you the yes answer. Life is too short to stop at NO. Giving up is not an option and defeat is just a starting point.

Whether by nature or nurture be an optimist by choice.

Business leaders should Protect the lead

This is a sports analogy generally reserved for football but it also can be applied to your Business game plan. African American Football

Generally, it is thought to be more defensive when your team is winning. Even on offense we want our teams to be conservative with their strategies and game plan when they are winning. I have a different philosophy on how to protect the lead. When your business is up, pour it on. Be relentless with all you do. Use your defense to blitz the quarterback. The opposing quarterback in business is represented by your biggest problem. Do not take a break from attacking and subduing whatever is attacking your business. If it is bills or production numbers, do not work with a slack hand when you are ahead your offense should be even more impressive. You already know how to dominate and gain points. When your sales are up and you are covered in work it is time to protect the lead and make more calls and appointments. Becoming a scoring machine and keep going for the big clients and bigger deals. Stay with your game plan, every yard is important. Look for the small deals also because they keep the sales quota going. If you need another reason add more effort just think of the third stringers that want to play. In business these are the new hires, people you may not know exist. When you get really far ahead you can rest a little and let the new hires help out some.
Finally, to protect the lead you have to remain patient and play smart. One fundamental way to protect the lead is to finish strong. Do not get sloppy because you have some success. You are only as good as your last play. Stay focused and make good decisions as if you are just starting the game.

Civil Rights Movement: Stop Violence with the gun and with the tongue


 the Dream lives

This was my first year going to the Dr. Martin Luther King Unity Breakfast in Birmingham, Alabama to support the Civil Rights Movement.  I have no clue to the reason of why I did not attend this wonderful event.  My son William V wanted to go and was pleased to get up early.  I asked why he wanted to go and he said, “so I can be with you dad.”


When we walked in we heard the wonderful voices of the choir that transformed the convention center into a Baptist Church. This 27thh Annual event lived up to the high standards of the SCLC.  The first thing that was evident is that this was a celebration of the past triumphs of Dr. King and the people of the Civil Rights movement and boost towards the future of possibilities.

The Keynote speaker was Dr. Charles Steele, SCLC President and CEO, his presence demanded attention.  His commitment to the organization and people of all creeds showed in the first few sentences of his speech.  He mentioned “Birmingham to Bethlehem” which is a campaign to bring nonviolence to Bethlehem and Jerusalem. He said he was in a meeting where a Palestinian man thanked him for holding the banner of nonviolence because, before their encounter the man did not realize that there was an alternative to violent conflict resolution.

Mr. Steele also mentions a “Poor Peoples Campaign “in Paris, France due to the overwhelming unemployment in that country.   This interests me because I set and marched with the original leader of the Poor Peoples Campaign, Hosea Williams.  Mr. Williams was a pioneer of the Civil Rights Movement and to watch him work was masterful. His network of dignitaries and homeless was immense.  I think the SCLC should involve Jay Z and Kanye West as well as the down trodden.


In his meeting with President Gorbachev, Mr. Steele said the President asked him, “If the Dream was realized,” I just want you to pause there and ask that question that yourself.  If Yes, then celebrate and get back to work. And if No, just get back to work.


He told of his fundraising prowess and how he steered the organization to receive 20 million dollars in a 3 year period which led to the erection of a new office building.  It also set a secure foundation for the SCLC’s future in the Civil Rights Movement. This is a long way from the days of Dr. Fred Shuttlesworth. I wrote a post “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.” When Dr. Steele met Roland Martin, CNN analyst, Mr. Martin congratulated him and said “the building is good, but what are you doing for the people?” This question adds to the question from President Gorbachev and should make all of us who live the Dream focus on actions.


I have a more definitive answer to why I have not attended the Unity Breakfast.  The answer is that I was enjoying the Dream and now I need to help others fight for their Dream.


How will you help the Civil Rights Movement? How are you helping others achieve the dream?

15 days to Jump Start you New Year


As we age our shapes and our egos take a beating because of our habits.  Healthy living becomes an important part of our lives.  For me one of my revolving New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight, eat healthier and exercise more.  This year I am going to start early and I challenge you to join with me.  During the holidays season there will be amble opportunities to turn to bad habits.  We have to use these moments to define our healthy future.


  1. Stretch and Meditate

Every morning for 30 minutes warm up your mind and body


  1. Use breakfast as a healthy launch pad

Eat more fruits and grains

Take your vitamins

Prepare a healthy lunch at home- Saves calories and money

  1. Work out or find a heart rat raising activity

Add another 45 minute workout

If working out is not your thing PLAN smart activities

  • Walking the mall
  • Riding a bicycle
  • Dancing with the children
  • Working in the Yard (like I will do today… yeah pine straw)

Now here is where I will seem to go off message.  Eat what you would like after the second daily workout.  Just eat in moderation.  Have a healthy snack at night and you will meet your goals.  Life is full of good things to eat and fun ways to maintain your health.  Combine the two facets of life and your soul will have harmony.

My goal is to lose 5 pounds in 20 days.  What is your goal?

Patience has no fear

  • Fear and faith cannot exist together
  • Children of God must act on the will of their Father



Patience has no fear because it knows the outcome will be delightful.  Fear comes to move you off of your path of great accomplishment.  Once I was afraid to commit to working out because, I thought the time would take away from my family. Then I questioned if an unhealthy lifestyle would take away years at the end of my life or cause countless days at the doctor’s office.  Fear has an unstable foundation and will crumble with careful consideration.  A person can live with fear so long, that it becomes comfortable to them.  We let fear speak to us in daily activities, so much that we think fear is our unconscious mind attempting to protect us. We must use our faith, our abilities and the Almighty to combat this enemy.  In the canvas of the mind fear and faith cannot co-exist, one will dominate.  Faith requires action, fear promotes inaction.  When decisions arise today ask for wisdom to recognize when you are bowing down to the calamitous reports of fear.


Strive to be a faith giant.  Faith giants move to different states to pursue dreams. Faith giants call businesses with ideas to sell and have no prior experience.  Faith giants claim debt freedom while possessing a horrid debt to income ratio.  God helps faith giants and those of little faith but the more your faith is evident the more He has to work with.  The Bible says,

“There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear: because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.”  1 John 4:18


So love yourself, love people and love the Creator who continually supports you.  Repel fear and be patient for your dreams.

How have you overcome fear recently?

False Alarm, Good Drill: Plan for the unexpected


How prepared are you for when there is no power coming to you? The other day when our power went out, it was a few minutes before dark and we were settling in for the evening. At first we were content to wait 45 minutes for the power company to kick in to high gear and get the lights back on and then reality set in.   Now it is time to break in to action. Locate the flashlights and check for batteries.  Light candles, no locate candles then light them.  Now, I have to run outside and fire up the generator and locate the cords to power our lives.  Finally, we are ready to plug-in and have a mini-campout.  As soon as we do all of this and the evening turns completely dark, the power comes back on.

False Alarm, Good Drill

After going through all of these actions only and not using the tools I was a relieved.  Then I began to reflect on other areas of my life and I wondered did I have drills for simple things in life that more than likely will happen.  I needed to plan for the unexpected.  Could I set up some drills like the grade-school fire drills to have my family better prepared for calamity?

Could we use this as leadership lesson?  Sure.  Here are a few things leaders can do to be prepared for calamity.

  1. Make a list of likely challenges that will arise

What if you as a leader have to step away for an extended amount of time?  Is your organization or family ready for this?  If there is a flood or storm coming towards you, how long do you need to secure vital documents and essentials to start over?

2.  Be honest about your ability to overcome catastrophe

If you do not already have the tools to help during a crisis, acquire them.  Look at your situation honestly and make the necessary adjustments.  A lot of tools and plans are already in place if you assess them properly and put them in your survival plan

3.  Run the drill as if the event is actually happening

During the power outage, the only reason that we so calmly pulled out all of the things necessary to survive is that we had done this before.  There are a lot of things that have never happened in your organizations or in life but have a high possibility of occurring. Plan for the unexpected.  Identify these things and prepare a drill.  This is like having a will, having a business succession plan or writing who to call in an emergency on the inside of your wallet.



Tell me about some of your False alarms that were good drills.

What kind of Ambassador are you?

Be an Ambassador

  • Realize that you represent a higher cause
  • Your response or lack thereof must demonstrate control


Ephesians 6:20 For which I am ambassador in bonds: that therein I may speak boldly, as I ought to speak.

The idea of an ambassador is fascinating because you represent all the power and honor of the organization you represent however you are not the focus of that privilege.  Whatever cause you represent whether it is Boy Scouts, a multinational corporation, a family or a country the cause is greater than you as an individual.  Realizing that you represent more than just yourself should add restraint to your regimen.  Your actions now carry more weight which is good when positive motives are in play.

When you are a diplomat you have to decide whether to use Hard Power or Soft Power. Here is a quote from my forthcoming book “Patience to Dominate”

While it is rational to stay patient and focused on your goal, there are actions and mannerisms that can be used to diffuse tense situations and still allow you to emerge victorious.  This method is termed, soft power.  Soft power is used in diplomacy to enhance relationships and still influence the current situation in your favor.

Conversely some negotiations require a drastically different approach.  This diplomatic approach is called hard power. Hard power is like and eagle spreading his wings to demonstrate his majesty.

When you are serious about your position on a matter or an end goal, many times, the thing that challenges you will have less leverage.   “Patience to Dominate” the book


Ambassadors have many decisions to make on behalf of those they represent. Patience is needed to decipher what course to take when presented with a situation.  In all situations control over your tongue, your gestures, your finances and your time articulate the position of those you represent.



2 Corinthians 5:20 Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God.

How will you be diplomatic today.