Leaders forgive to Win

Forgiveness is hard especially for a leader who is doing the right things. It’s hard to forgive people in your organization when mistakes happen. It’s hard because you feel you are the leader and you do not have to forgive. You also feel that you were in the right. When you feel like this, you get mad. Maybe you don’t speak to the people. How can you lead it if you are not communicating? This builds inner anger. This inner anger will come out in all of your other discussions and directives. Angry discussions and directives lead to a path of futility.

Angry discussions and directives lead to a path of futility

Your mind plays tricks on you when unforgiveness creeps in. Your mind can cause you to replay the offense over and over again. Instead of forward thinking you are backward thinking. Forward thinking takes you to the top and backward thinking Leaves you stuck in the mud.

Forgive yourself

To forgive yourself you must dismiss all self-doubt. You are your biggest critic therefore, cut yourself some slack. Most of the time you are the only person that is offended. Let God correct you and do the instruction given to you. Unforgiveness can lead to a state of depression. When you find yourself in this place stay connected to positive friends and family. And also say positive things about you and your situation.

Colossians 1:14 in whom we have redemption because of His sacrifice, resulting in the forgiveness of our sins and the cancellation of sins’ penalty.

Pressure Bust Pipes


God will not put more on you

than you can bear

I didn’t know I was this strong

Didn’t know that I could stand this long.

Didn’t believe I could take so many punches

didn’t know trouble came in bunches.

my shoulders are broad

My chest is strong

but how much more and for how long?

Pressure bust pies, Watch mine swell

Pressure bust pipes, now what’s that smell.

It’s not me I know how to weld

God has workmen that are not for sell

Can these arms hold weight made for a crane?

Can these feet stop the speeding train?

That mountain has been spoken to

it still has not moved

Pressure bust pipes, don’t you like the action

Didn’t know life came with adverse traction

Going back…    to move forward just like the plunger

makes no sense to add more pressure to a clogged system.

If this is what I can bear than bring it on

my previous record is no wall, but gone.

Dislocated shoulder lots of back pain

one more push-up, so the kingdom can gain

Pressure bust pipes, I am starting to like what it has done

Making me focus on who is number one

Maybe He allowed it, or just knew

But what He put on, came out of the blue.

No complaints because His sovereignty is Supreme

Pressure Bust Pipes

too bad…

I’m a King.

Stress Your Mountain

Put pressure on your prayer


Life puts pressure on you that feels like a Mountain. You have to determine to stress the mountain of pressure if you want it to crumble. Without putting pressure on the mountain it will not be removed from you.

There are many situations that put stress on us. We believe these problems are insurmountable. Since God does not put more on us than we can bear. There has to be a way to remove and handle these seemingly unmovable challenges.

Speak the Word

The word of God is powerful to the pulling down of strongholds(2 Cor. 10v4). Therefore we must speak directly to the problem. Do not be afraid to put stress on the actual problem.

 Pray earnestly

The prayers of the righteous man available much(James 5v16). Pray to God that He helps you see the true underlying core root of the problem. Pray to God for a peaceful solution. Be thankful to God that He reveals your position in the fight. Pray that you have the strength to do the instructions that come from prayer.

Call a fast

Some things are only removed by prayer and supplication(fasting)(Mark 9 v 28-29). Calling a fast removes an object or action that is special to you. It may be possible that you have made this thing a God or idol in your life. And every time this thing comes in your mind, sacrifice it to the Lord, letting Him know that you are serious about putting stress on your mountain

Your faith makes you whole. (Luke 8 v 48) With the proper Word(scriptures), prayer and fasting the mountain will have significant stress. With patience the stress fractures in the mountain will cause it to be removed from you. The last step is to believe in your heart that these things are so.
Stress your mountain and your stress will be relieved. Stress your mountain and it will be removed from you. Be patient while you are dominating your mountain.

Father’s Day Patience

Good fathers see the in game

There is one good example of how a father should conduct himself. Fathers do themselves well to look to God.  As fathers we want the best for our children. We want ourinstructions and molding to take effect immediately. In the midst of training the reward seems fleeting.  Patients makes fatherhood palatable.

God has many different children with many different characteristics.God loves all his children for their unique characteristics.  He even express exudes joy when they follow Him and not the world.when his children seem to be disobedient or follow the incorrect he is ever steadfast waiting for their return. He has long patience for his children’s success.


So he fed them according to the integrity of his heart, and by the skillfulness of his hands.

Psalm 78:72

Take this Father’s Day to be thankful for the children God gave you. Make this Father’s Day a day of remembrance of the good times and celebration for the reward of love in the future. Fathers Day Patience strengthens you, and your children in the kingdom of God.


Life Tune-up

Adjusted for success

Can you hear me

Can I talk to you

Are we friends

Hello your Chief Engineer is calling


Let me tune you up

Let me tune you up

… like  Indy Race Car

We will take test runs

I will recalibrate you

Sure you know how to drive

I’ll let you drive, if you let Me chart the course


I am watching you from perched on High

I see you and the car you are riding in

I made everything around you

Let Me lead you,

…   by always adjusting you.

Pray for Alabama

Decision America Tour

“Do not forget to Pray!” is what I hear as I prepare for a brief business trip to Montgomery. What an easy request! I prayed a modest prayer . Business meetings lead to Business increase.  Our State Legislature is in session at the same time we planned this meeting. Directly related to the Alabama State Legislature meeting is Franklin Graham Decision America Tour rolling into town to Pray for Alabama. One of my business associciates travelled from a different state to participate in the prayer meeting. When he told me he was going to pray I heard again “Don’t forget to pray.”

Honestly, I did not have a clue of that any one else was praying for my State (Alabama), so this was a nice surprise. Not until I arrived in Montgomery did I understand that I needed to go pray at the Captiol too. Immediately after the meeting we headed up Goat Hill to pray. Now the boldness that God placed in me wants to pray on the star that marks the spot where Jefferson Davis was sworn as in as the United Confederate States president. God unites and uplifts.

When we got to the top I was impressed that an organization would plan an event that soul focus was to spread the Good News over AMERICA AND ALABAMA. That God impressed upon me to go and pray for Alabama cuases me issue a challenge to all the Dominators. Pray for your state and  other states but more importantly go where God sends you to pray. Warriors of Prayer unite.

The Definition of Patience to Dominate

Man on top of mountain

Increasing ones capacity for calm, admirable endurance of a trying situation, circumstance or person, this comes out of understanding, mastery or control of oneself and the knowledge that the Creator has supreme determining or guiding influence over all.


The Patience to Dominate

How to Make it Happen


Making it happen is only hard in your mind. Getting things going in the right direction starts with the “I can do mindset” . When you feel like no one else is there and you “gotta” make it happen apply these 3 principles.


Encourage yourself

This seems simple but to encourage yourself you cannot mumble. You need audible encouragement. Write down what you want to say to yourself.  I.E… ( I will publish my e-book before Christmas). Stop reading right now and write 3 encouragements for yourself. Talk good to yourself because the situation is already speaking negatively.


I will be mentally and physically strong.

I can achieve my goals in life.

I will stay ahead.

I won’t slack on little task I need to accomplish.

I will write down my goals and stick to them.

It is about God – not me


10 Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going. Ecclesiastes 9:10 (NKJV)

Walk by Faith 

“We walk by Faith and not by sight “ Talk to God first about everything. Once you set some goals and practice encouraging yourself then get out of your comfort zone and make it happen with positive action. Every step is important. Do not get too happy with a little good work, keep walking out your dreams. Faith does not always see what is next but it definitely sees what the end result will be.


One interview is a stepping out on Faith, 20 interviews is walking by Faith

One sales call is encouraging, 20 sales calls is walking by Faith

Sitting at home praying demonstrates Faith in God. Praying while you are on the way to get what you deserve shows faith in action on this earth.

I shall put myself in unknown conditions in order to achieve what I need.

I will push myself to the limit and then go even further.

Instead of accomplishing 3 goals, I will accomplish 5 and then work ahead some more.

Instead of working to a stopping point, I will make it to a new beginning.


If it is to be it is up to me


I have used this statement before because it is one of the encouragements that I SHOUT when it seems that no one wants to help me. Generally the truth is, “No one wants to help me in the manner I want to receive the help.”

It is hard to help someone that does not want to help themselves. God will get it done with or without you.  You get more out of it if you let Him lead you.  So stand up and SHOUT ” If it is to be it is up to me.”

Theses are some things that are constructive to say. Within myself I will work until I cannot anymore, then once I have my strength back I will go and do it again.  I will not stop until it is set to where if I work or not it won’t even matter.


I am going to stop procrastinating and get it done.

I will stay focused and follow through.

When I write out my goals and I will not tweak them to make it easier for me.


Please Remember:


YOU have to get up and help yourself

You have to stop blaming the world for your problems

YOU have to put yourself in a better position

You have to stop looking for the easy way out

YOU have to stand up to the issues and overcome them


YOU have to Make it Happen


My question to you is…


What are you going to do to Make it Happen?

Protect the lead: Part II

Protect the Lead Part  dealt primarily with the actions of professionals in the work environment and Part II is a checklist that will help protect the spiritual and mental aspects of leadership.

A drop of dew and sunshine

1. A soft answer turns away anger

Change your tone and change the direction of the conversation. Answer others how you want to be received.

2. A leader uses knowledge in a positive way

As a leader you know things that can hurt or propel others and your organization. Use your knowledge in a positive way. Protect the lead, do not fumble information.

3. Be kind and add life

Make others around you feel good. You are adding or taking, increase the goodness and watch the seed of your good words grow.

4. Heed the Advice of your parents

Simply, life has continuing education course work that is never exhausted. The instructions of most parents come from a place of protection and love.

5. Save money for the good and the bad times

The righteous leader protects the monetary gains received from hard work and favor. Protect the lead by living by the principle of seed time and harvest.

6. Why sacrifice when you can pray

Leaders are inclined to sacrifice time and casual life for success. Leaders that pray can have it all, a casual life, free time and success.


Proverbs 15: 1-10 A soft answer turns away wrath


Protect the Lead

This is a sports analogy generally reserved for football but it also can be applied in Business. Generally, it is thought to be more defensive when your team is winning. Even on offense we want our teams to be conservative with their strategies and approach to the game when they are winning. I have a different philosophy on how to protect the lead. When your business is up, pour it on. Be relentless with all you do. Use your defense to blitz the quarterback. The opposing quarterback in business is represented by your biggest problem. Do not take a break from attacking and subduing whatever is attacking your business. If it is bills or production numbers, do not work with a slack hand when you are ahead.

protect the lead photo

Your offense should be even more impressive. You already know how to dominate and gain points. When your sales are up and you are covered in work figure out how to make more calls and appointments. Becoming a scoring machine and keep going for the big clients and bigger deals. Stay with your game plan, every yard is important. Look for the small deals also because they keep the sales quota going. If you need another reason add more effort just think of the third stringers that want to play. In business these are the new hires, people you may not know exist. When you get really far ahead you can rest a little and let the new hires help out some.
The Bible says in Genesis 1; 28 “And God blessed them, and God said unto them be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth. This verse relates to protecting the lead because fruitful and multiply means making more of what God has given to you.

Finally, to protect the lead you have to remain patient and play smart. One fundamental way to protect the lead is to finish strong. Do not get sloppy because you have some success. You are only as good as your last play. Stay focused and make good decisions as if you are just starting the game.