Father’s Day Patience

Good fathers see the in game

There is one good example of how a father should conduct himself. Fathers do themselves well to look to God.  As fathers we want the best for our children. We want ourinstructions and molding to take effect immediately. In the midst of training the reward seems fleeting.  Patients makes fatherhood palatable.

God has many different children with many different characteristics.God loves all his children for their unique characteristics.  He even express exudes joy when they follow Him and not the world.when his children seem to be disobedient or follow the incorrect he is ever steadfast waiting for their return. He has long patience for his children’s success.


So he fed them according to the integrity of his heart, and by the skillfulness of his hands.

Psalm 78:72

Take this Father’s Day to be thankful for the children God gave you. Make this Father’s Day a day of remembrance of the good times and celebration for the reward of love in the future. Fathers Day Patience strengthens you, and your children in the kingdom of God.


How to Make it Happen


Making it happen is only hard in your mind. Getting things going in the right direction starts with the “I can do mindset” . When you feel like no one else is there and you “gotta” make it happen apply these 3 principles.


Encourage yourself

This seems simple but to encourage yourself you cannot mumble. You need audible encouragement. Write down what you want to say to yourself.  I.E… ( I will publish my e-book before Christmas). Stop reading right now and write 3 encouragements for yourself. Talk good to yourself because the situation is already speaking negatively.


I will be mentally and physically strong.

I can achieve my goals in life.

I will stay ahead.

I won’t slack on little task I need to accomplish.

I will write down my goals and stick to them.

It is about God – not me


10 Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might; for there is no work or device or knowledge or wisdom in the grave where you are going. Ecclesiastes 9:10 (NKJV)

Walk by Faith 

“We walk by Faith and not by sight “ Talk to God first about everything. Once you set some goals and practice encouraging yourself then get out of your comfort zone and make it happen with positive action. Every step is important. Do not get too happy with a little good work, keep walking out your dreams. Faith does not always see what is next but it definitely sees what the end result will be.


One interview is a stepping out on Faith, 20 interviews is walking by Faith

One sales call is encouraging, 20 sales calls is walking by Faith

Sitting at home praying demonstrates Faith in God. Praying while you are on the way to get what you deserve shows faith in action on this earth.

I shall put myself in unknown conditions in order to achieve what I need.

I will push myself to the limit and then go even further.

Instead of accomplishing 3 goals, I will accomplish 5 and then work ahead some more.

Instead of working to a stopping point, I will make it to a new beginning.


If it is to be it is up to me


I have used this statement before because it is one of the encouragements that I SHOUT when it seems that no one wants to help me. Generally the truth is, “No one wants to help me in the manner I want to receive the help.”

It is hard to help someone that does not want to help themselves. God will get it done with or without you.  You get more out of it if you let Him lead you.  So stand up and SHOUT ” If it is to be it is up to me.”

Theses are some things that are constructive to say. Within myself I will work until I cannot anymore, then once I have my strength back I will go and do it again.  I will not stop until it is set to where if I work or not it won’t even matter.


I am going to stop procrastinating and get it done.

I will stay focused and follow through.

When I write out my goals and I will not tweak them to make it easier for me.


Please Remember:


YOU have to get up and help yourself

You have to stop blaming the world for your problems

YOU have to put yourself in a better position

You have to stop looking for the easy way out

YOU have to stand up to the issues and overcome them


YOU have to Make it Happen


My question to you is…


What are you going to do to Make it Happen?

I’m Black First

I am Black First
That’s what you see
That’s how you judge

What do you see in my dirty jeans? What about these nails? Does the dirt turn you off or do you see the strength of mother earth going with me everywhere?

Describe the ideal husband… What is the shade caramel or chocolate?
I am smart. I am funny. I speak four languages, and can say hello in 13.
I know business. I play wind instruments. The harmonica is jazzy.
Walking across the street to make a deposit at the bank. What do you see at the intersection? Why do I smell fear on you and see you clutch your purse? I’m so happy.

God has met a need. He gave my pockets a “pot-belly”. Can we make them slightly overweight like most Americans?

If I shed a few pounds would you forget my mahogany and wish it ivory?

Beauty shares no stage. Look outside and feel inside it is okay.
I’ll be PRESIDENTIAL or maybe MVPish. I’m Still Black First.

If you are so scared or I’m so equal, let’s view equal. Have you been to a factory? What do you see?  SEE no evil – Speak no evil.

What about Football?
Run boy Run          We the Best            But don’t stop running
Still be proud when WE win

I am Black First. Mix it with anything and I am still Black First.

Difficulties Break: You Arise

“Difficulties break some men but make others. No axe is sharp enough to cut the soul of a sinner who keeps on trying, one armed with the hope that he will rise even in the end.” Nelson Mandela

In life we all encounter difficulties that bring us to the edge of our patience. It is here that we find what our true character consists of. Into every life problems fall, some people scream, some people run away and others just give up. All of these options are viable but will not aide you in accomplishing your life’s dreams. Let nothing break your spirit to win and nothing taint you will to live life to your satisfaction. I would rather be cold and free than warm and entrapped. Free your mind from your troubles and you will find a solution.
The axe of life is sharp and seems that it is designed to bring all humans down. We are made blunt and hard to with stand the difficulties of this world. The axe that cuts at us is designed to drive us closer to our true purpose and the Father who fashioned us.
Why does Mandela choose the word sinner? I believe he chose this word to signify that we all have fallen short of the Glory of God but we can rise above any self-inflicted challenge. Seeing your short side does not define your character it shows you what to work on. Pull yourself together face life head on and never back down.
Arm yourself with Hope
Hope is focusing on something that you do not yet see. Hope is an armor that can deflect the axe of life’s problems. You have to pick up hope and hold it. To pick it up requires positive confessions and a positive mental attitude. Mandela teaches that hope is focused on the fact that you “will rise even in the end”. Have patience and “You shall rise in the End”.

Keep trying, never give up, you shall arise

Are you conscious of His favor?

Raise your consciousness and increase your joy. We are responsible for our joy. Knowing where joy comes from and how to keep it is explained in this Psalm.
Psalm 97:11
Amplified Bible (AMP)
11 Light is sown for the [uncompromisingly] righteous and strewn along their pathway, and joy for the upright in heart [the irrepressible joy which comes from consciousness of His favor and protection].
This one passage by itself encompasses a lifetime of wisdom. It shows God’s preparation for you and me. It states that, “light is sown”, this means it was plant or created for the righteous. And then it is thrown along our pathway. So even when we are in a place of darkness God shines light on us. Those with an upright heart receive joy along the path.

The type of joy we receive is “IRREPRESSIBLE” (it cannot be pushed down). There is nothing or no one that can steal your joy. This joy comes from you and I being conscious or fixing our mind on God’s favor and protection. All paths in life have darkness but, with the right mind set we can live every day in His glorious light.

My daughter wrote this:

Be delighted with yourself. You have to have an upright or a happy spirit for God to give you gladness.

Civil Rights Movement: Stop Violence with the gun and with the tongue


 the Dream lives

This was my first year going to the Dr. Martin Luther King Unity Breakfast in Birmingham, Alabama to support the Civil Rights Movement.  I have no clue to the reason of why I did not attend this wonderful event.  My son William V wanted to go and was pleased to get up early.  I asked why he wanted to go and he said, “so I can be with you dad.”


When we walked in we heard the wonderful voices of the choir that transformed the convention center into a Baptist Church. This 27thh Annual event lived up to the high standards of the SCLC.  The first thing that was evident is that this was a celebration of the past triumphs of Dr. King and the people of the Civil Rights movement and boost towards the future of possibilities.

The Keynote speaker was Dr. Charles Steele, SCLC President and CEO, his presence demanded attention.  His commitment to the organization and people of all creeds showed in the first few sentences of his speech.  He mentioned “Birmingham to Bethlehem” which is a campaign to bring nonviolence to Bethlehem and Jerusalem. He said he was in a meeting where a Palestinian man thanked him for holding the banner of nonviolence because, before their encounter the man did not realize that there was an alternative to violent conflict resolution.

Mr. Steele also mentions a “Poor Peoples Campaign “in Paris, France due to the overwhelming unemployment in that country.   This interests me because I set and marched with the original leader of the Poor Peoples Campaign, Hosea Williams.  Mr. Williams was a pioneer of the Civil Rights Movement and to watch him work was masterful. His network of dignitaries and homeless was immense.  I think the SCLC should involve Jay Z and Kanye West as well as the down trodden.


In his meeting with President Gorbachev, Mr. Steele said the President asked him, “If the Dream was realized,” I just want you to pause there and ask that question that yourself.  If Yes, then celebrate and get back to work. And if No, just get back to work.


He told of his fundraising prowess and how he steered the organization to receive 20 million dollars in a 3 year period which led to the erection of a new office building.  It also set a secure foundation for the SCLC’s future in the Civil Rights Movement. This is a long way from the days of Dr. Fred Shuttlesworth. I wrote a post “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants.” When Dr. Steele met Roland Martin, CNN analyst, Mr. Martin congratulated him and said “the building is good, but what are you doing for the people?” This question adds to the question from President Gorbachev and should make all of us who live the Dream focus on actions.


I have a more definitive answer to why I have not attended the Unity Breakfast.  The answer is that I was enjoying the Dream and now I need to help others fight for their Dream.


How will you help the Civil Rights Movement? How are you helping others achieve the dream?

Change your thoughts and grow

The Patience to Dominate is a state of mind that converts all of a person’s dreams, goals, setbacks and delays into positive progressions for ultimate success.  The process of procuring patience is a major key to dominating your life.

The principles of the Patience to Dominate have relevance for the wildly successful and those with limited success. You may think that you do not have anything successful to report.  If you are alive you have a slice of success.  And your decision to read this shows your interest in improvement.  Now let’s prepare to dominate.


I have formulated a definition for The Patience to Dominate it is:

Increasing ones capacity for calm, admirable endurance of a trying situation, circumstance or person, this comes out of understanding, mastery or control of oneself and the knowledge that the Creator has supreme determining or guiding influence over all.


You have the patience to dominate by mastering yourself. To master and control yourself, you must dominate your thoughts and dominate your actions. Your thoughts should line up with your goals. If you want something to change and you are continuosly thinking thoughts of “it is always going to be like this”, then you will not have change.  Focus your thoughts on the change you desire.

After your thought world is functioning proper, put actions to your thoughts.  Actions small and great are required to dominate your world.  Move forward at every opportunity. Even when you catch yourself falling into bad habits don’t give up, make a positive action in your mess.


Know that The Creator “has supreme determining or guiding influence over all.” He is there helping you dominate, you are not alone.  When you exhaust all of your options, positive thoughts and positive actions, He is already there with the help.  You have to settle this in your mind and heart and move without fear.


You will have the Patience to Dominate if you change your thoughts, change your mind and trust God.


What will use your abilities to dominate today?

Do not get tired of dreaming.


Dream like a baby


The other day I was thinking this dreaming thing gets old, especially if you have high expectations.  The problem comes when dreams do not see any results.  Every dreamer needs encouragement so I am here to help those of you that still want to be on the dream team.  Below are a few things that can be used in low moments to you back on track.

1.       Be encouraged

Be happy that you still have the opportunity to envision a more peaceful existence.

2.       You have to keep hope alive

No hope, no life.  This is simple but direct because once you give up the hope of achieving your dreams; your ability to dream will diminish.

3.       Think positive and shine the light on your dream

Norman Vincent Peale had it right; there is Power in Positive Thinking.  Think big and think positive often.  Also, shine a light on your dreams.  Let some others know about what you are dreaming about.  Do not feel ashamed for delayed dreams.

4.       Stay with your dream, persistence pays dividends

You will see victory if you continue to the end.  The privilege of persistence is that you are now familiar with the enemy.  Now you know what do to and you are equipped to overcome.

5.       Loose the attitude

Just because you are not living in a dream state, does not give you the right to throw sour grapes at everyone else.  If you have an bad attitude, you are blocking your dreams. 

10. Out of the same mouth proceedeth blessing and cursing. My brethren, these things ought not so to be. 11. Doth a fountain send forth at the same place sweet water and bitter?  James 3:10-11


Here is an easy way to get back to on the Dream Team.  Pick two things that you know you can do and complete them.  After that pick three hard things and finish them quickly.  Now you can do this over and over again until your Dreams are Dreams no more.  All you have now is a Dream life.


What 2 things are you going to do today to help your Dreams?