Pray for Alabama

Decision America Tour

“Do not forget to Pray!” is what I hear as I prepare for a brief business trip to Montgomery. What an easy request! I prayed a modest prayer . Business meetings lead to Business increase.  Our State Legislature is in session at the same time we planned this meeting. Directly related to the Alabama State Legislature meeting is Franklin Graham Decision America Tour rolling into town to Pray for Alabama. One of my business associciates travelled from a different state to participate in the prayer meeting. When he told me he was going to pray I heard again “Don’t forget to pray.”

Honestly, I did not have a clue of that any one else was praying for my State (Alabama), so this was a nice surprise. Not until I arrived in Montgomery did I understand that I needed to go pray at the Captiol too. Immediately after the meeting we headed up Goat Hill to pray. Now the boldness that God placed in me wants to pray on the star that marks the spot where Jefferson Davis was sworn as in as the United Confederate States president. God unites and uplifts.

When we got to the top I was impressed that an organization would plan an event that soul focus was to spread the Good News over AMERICA AND ALABAMA. That God impressed upon me to go and pray for Alabama cuases me issue a challenge to all the Dominators. Pray for your state and  other states but more importantly go where God sends you to pray. Warriors of Prayer unite.

What to do when the enemy has eaten you up.

My wife, Queen Janetta came up with this title when she saw what happened to the Georgia Hybrid Collard Greens that we planted in the garden. This was our first year planting this vegetable, so our only experiences with Greens were faint memories from childhood. As the plants grew we were very proud and we daily watered them and removed weeds. One evening we noticed that bugs had attacked one plant and I said that I would get some spray the next day. Well, by the next morning all of my plants had holes in them. It was too late but I went out before work and purchased the spray. We thought this mishap was an indicator of many scenarios in life. Below are three quick observations that we took away from this experience.

1. Do not fret over the problem.
You cannot cry over losses that have already occurred. To complain was our first response. We even asked a crazy question, “where did theses bugs come from?” Do not lose time in remorse. For a while when something challenging happens the normal human response is to be upset and brood over the issue. The pouting or whining over the problem only takes you down a long path of destruction.

2. Immediately spend the resources to alleviate the problem.

First do all the things that do not cost much money. In our case we first removed some of the damaged leaves. When money is necessary do not fear to promptly produce your investment. We were not excited about going to the Lowe’s in Bessemer and paying for more gardening supplies but either we were committed to growth or we were pretending.

3. Make the adjustment and continue to apply the things necessary for growth.
You are aware of the loss so now you must adjust your expectation for yield. We planted a lot of greens and we even talked about having them throughout the entire winter but now our expectation had to be altered. This is what you must do in life sometimes. Make the adjustment and enjoy the fruit that makes it through the antics of life. Now, we had to apply faith by continuing to water damaged plants. If watering and fertilizing is necessary don’t be afraid to be patient and work through a mess.
I am proud to report that we harvested a batch of those Georgia Hybrid Collard Greens and it appears that the garden will yield another batch really soon.

What are you going to do when the enemy has eaten you up??

Occupy until I come

What are you going to do when you can fly?

Patient Ability – Occupy until I come

“Patient Ability – Occupy until I come” , this is an excerpt from my forthcoming book and is relevant with the events happening throughout the world as people escalate the movement started with “Occupy Wall Street”.

The statement, “Occupy until I come,” is taken directly from the bible. The quote from Luke 19, verse 12 and 13, is “A certain nobleman went into a far country to receive for himself a kingdom, and to return. And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said unto them, Occupy till I come.” Patient ability describes what to do while obtaining patience. This chapter gives examples of human nature while pursuing dominance. The entire passage from Luke is used to demonstrate the rewards of occupying (performing transactions repeatedly) while gaining Patient Ability.

This principle contains examples and vivid illustrations of patience. Most motivational books are “rah-rah” cheering books; there are certain aspects of upbeat encouragement throughout this principle. The main premise of Patient Ability is to demonstrate that in any worthwhile journey, there are aspects of continued endurance that propel you to success. This principle gives practical advice for lasting victory. Separate phases are outlined for gaining ability while building a crescendo to dominating life.

Patient Ability is the principle in which we must take a self test and determine our valuable attributes. One must honestly dig deep into what makes himself tick. This is the point where we take off the gloves. You must pull back the veil. There are plenty of things you may be good at doing; however, in order to reach your ultimate goals, you must uncover your true, great talent and develop it. You must determine your limitations so that true progress can be achieved. We all want to hunt; however, knowing how to gather is a very important aspect of increasing your ability. The real impact makers know how to gather people, resources, and energy. What should you do while being patient? What result do you want from your organized actions?

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